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 Get your Life Back

Walking around feeling like a zombie is not normal, nor does it have to be your life.  Having chronic fatigue myself as a trainer and massage therapist helped me to create this program that actually works.   Use this proven method to fight daily fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, and Adrenal Fatigue. 


Find your workout

I have sooo many ways to help you sweat.  Whether you are a beginner or an avid athlete, you can find something here to make you sweat.  These workouts give you proven results in less time. Check out what I've got to offer.  


21 Day FUN & FIT 

Workout Challenge

Start from Day 1 with me on

Youtube and transform

your body


Stay injury free

Injured your knee?  Have chronic back pain?? Follow my  Instagram feed to find tips to prevent and fix injuries and pain.  

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Adventure Retreat

Take the plunge and join Flow World Travel at this life changing  fitness retreat with Ty as your guide!  Your days will be full of fun, adventure, relaxation, adventure, and new friends.  Come solo or grab your partner.  


Must-Have Tools

Keeping your muscles and fascia happy is everything.  Paying adequate attention to recovery and fascial health can help with fatigue, allergies, injuries, or health problems.

These can help you be your own massage therapist. 

I'm Ty.

I'm a Fitness Professional, Sports Massage Therapist and Injury Specialist, Blogger, and Fatigue Expert. 

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