You May Need a Little Help

All the healthy food in the world may not be able to help you get all of the nutrients you need, so I want to refer you to supplements, prescriptions, and natural remedies that may help you in your quest to get healthier.  I never recommend anything lightly, and am one of the most critical, skeptical people I know when it comes to trying new products . 


Nutrient Absorption

One of the biggest things that happens when we get overly stressed is our stomach digestion and absorption gets all screwed up and we start to become nutrient deficient.   We don't function very well when we are missing some of the vital ones in our bodies.  The biggest thing I have found to help with this is a digestive enzyme.  It's from a company called Biooptimizers and the product is Masszymes.  


When we eat, our brain sends a signal to our liver to release certain enzymes based on what the food is.  Protein is digestested by protease, and milk is digested by lactase and so on.  When we exercise a lot, are chronically stressed out, or just when we get older or have babies, our bodies produces significantly less.  What happens is food doesn't get digested very well, which means is doesn't get absorbed.  Enzymes help your body along by providing all the different types of enzymes when you eat, and therefore helps your body absorb as well.  This product has been huge for me and has helped me recover more than anything else.  It can also help your hair grow, your skin to look healthier, and your brain to function better.  

The only other enzyme that I've tried is the Plexus, and honestly it made me super sick with migraines for 2 weeks before I gave it up.  All enzymes are not made the same.

Read more about it here.



Studies are not showing that taking probiotics may not be necessary - except for certain situations. 

1.  You've been on an antibiotic.

2.  You experience a lot of stomach pain with or without eating. 

3.  You have problems with candida or bacteria overgrowth.

4.  You have a lot of stress in your life.  

This strain of probiotics has been shown to take the shell off of tumors and can kill all kinds of nasty bacteria and viruses.  I would recommend this probiotic before anything else.  

This is also from Biooptimizers and is called P3-OM.

You can read more about it here.  

Thyroid Meds

Have you had your thyroid checked yet?  If you have had unexplained weight gain or feel constantly fatigued, it may be a good idea to get in to your doctor and have him take a look at your numbers.  When our thyroid is underproducing (which can happen under stress and overexercise), we tend to hold on to more weight and are unable to recover as well from workouts.  

Sleep Aids

We've discussed  how important sleep is.  If your circadian rhythm is off, THE most important thing that you need to do is find a way to sleep whatever means necessary.  I would even go as far as suggesting a sleep enhancer like  Ambien on nights that it gets bad (not as a permanent or habitual solution) or a more natural just to reestablish a good sleep  pattern.  

Though Melatonin is not as powerful, it is still effective and much better for your body then prescriptions.  You can order it here.

vit d.jpg
Vitamin D with K2

We get this vitamin from the sun and from certain foods, but many of us are chronically deficient in it - and its wreaking havoc on our bodies.  Low Vit D has been linked to auto-immune diseases, Heart Disease, and  Dementia as well as high blood pressure, insulin problems, diabetes risk, obesity and more. 

The best thing to do is actually get enough sun between the months of April and September and your body will store Vit D in your fat for the winter.  but as a society we are spending more and more time indoors and use sunscreen.  The older we get, the more deficient we get in it. 

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