Become a Committer

One of my favorite movies is a Jim Carrey movie called "Yes Man".  It's a movie about a guy that goes to a seminar where the whole idea is this - Say yes to anything that comes along.  He really didn't want to do most of it but he ends up taking flight lessons, learning another language, getting a promotion, getting a mail order bride, and the girl of his dreams.

I love it because there is so much of it that rings true.  We close ourselves off a higher way of living when we chose the habits that got us to where we are.  


When we take on something new, or are trying to change habits, the best way to do this is to just do it.  You decide that you are going to do put on your workout clothes, even when you don't want to. You choose to start 5 minutes of something even though you don't feel like it.  You find a partner to do this with and you never let each other down.

Committing is a skill that you develop, but it also helps to have your "whys" already to go to help motivate you

"Why are you getting up today to go for a walk" - "Because I'm tired of feeling like crap."

"Why are you picking a salad instead of a burger" - "Because I know it will inflame my body"

"Why are you forcing yourself to rest today instead of hitting the gym today?" - "Because I killed it hard yesterday and I know that my it won't do any good when my body is trying to rebuild."

Be the person that people can depend on.  Be the person that you can depend on.  

For your last assignment, I want you to write down your "why's". Why are you doing this.  What is your motivation.  And then I want you to write it and tape it up somewhere to always remember. 

Now that you have made it through, I want you to continue to do what you are doing.  If you need some further help, you can always do a personalized plan with me and we can see if you need to change up some macros, calories, or exercises to get you where you want.   Click Here

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Congrats!   and keep getting workouts here and motivating others on Facebook.