I'm a mom of four little munchkins and have been married to my amazing partner in crime, Jim, for 16 years. I'm an ACE certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. I spent years as a fitness presenter for Beachbody, and I have been a fitness instructor for over a decade.   I love the ocean more than any other place in the world and can play a mean game of scrabble. 


My body has been through a lot!  I spent a decade as a marathoner, followed by three years on the Spartan Pro Team racing obstacle races.  I've achieved a lot in my racing career, but that's not what I'm here to help you with. My story happened after my glory. 

I have spent the last four years coming back from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, and I have so much to offer.   It is a pretty insane experience to go from being able to run 4-hour races to barely being able to walk around the block without being tired.   

I am a success story in this case.  Many people don't come back from the lows I experienced.  But the mental toughness that helped me win races has helped me find ways to heal myself.  I could never give up, even when I wanted to.  In this process, I discovered how much stress keeps us injured, sick, overweight, fatigued, and depressed among many other things.

I want to help you live a Happy, Healthy Life.  I don't want you to just live!  Those adjectives are important! I've been coached and trained by some of the best minds in the country, and I now want to offer my experience to you.  I want to help you feel good about your body.  I want you to have energy to live your life.  I want you to look forward to living rather than just exist day to day.  I want to show you how to use exercise, nutrition, recovery, and good mental health to achieve everything you have ever wanted.  


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