Hey there. My true passion is helping people find their lives again. So many of us are living through pain, depression, and health issues, and I wanted to create a series of workouts that truly promote health.  I designed them to be effective, easy to fit in to a busy schedule, and immediately rewarding.  Look below for workout series that I recommend on YouTube.  I programmed them to be adaptable to a beginner, but also useful for a frequent exerciser.  It is my hope that you’ll give these a try.  I know in my own life they have boosted my metabolism, helped stretch out my muscles, and restored my strength through Chronic Fatigue.  Don’t forget to join my email list before you go for tips to live your best life! Exercise is important, but there are so many other parts of regaining your health back, losing weight, and feeling amazing in your body.  For a health coaching program that covers everything from nutrition to sleep to reducing stress, check out my HealthyFit program.  

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2 Minute Reset

These strength-based movements are easy to remember to do when they are 2 minutes at a time.  No equipment is needed and you can do them anywhere.  Split up your workout into 2-minute segments during the day and you will find that you will have fewer injuries, will gain strength, will improve health, will boost your metabolism, will increase energy and mood, and will become a fat burning machine. Do a combo of different RESETS here, or subscribe and stay up-to-date with the latest ones here on YouTube. 


Fun High Intensity Dance workouts that actually work.  This cardio based workout will strengthen your legs and core and will leave you smiling and renergized. Do the preset workouts on Youtube or make your own playlist.  Burn 500-800 or more calories an hour! (Coming soon - join us for live classes every week!)  Go Workout Here!

Move with Music Workouts

Music moves us, but not all of us like to dance for our workout.  These interval style workouts will help you get your Fully Body Cardio and Strength all in one while being pushed by the beat.  Choose from a variety of dumbbell workouts, or the ones requiring no equipment.  5 -60 min workouts and do alone or combine to get the best results.   Click Here!