What if you could

feel better

in your body...today?


I have a beef with a lot of the Fitness Models. 

How many of you see ad after ad on Instagram and Facebook promising you a body that looks just like theirs?  They tell you that they know and understand your struggles, and that if you just follow the program, your body can look just like theirs.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

It won't.  Do you want to know why?  Because what they don't tell you is that they spend four hours in the gym a day. Or they are actually under-eating.  Or they are taking steroids.   Or they took diuretics before taking the pictures to make their muscles pop.  Or they spend hours and hours a week meal prepping.  Or they are so obsessed with looking ripped or toned or skinny that it has consumed their life and they are secretly miserable.  Or that they do very unhealthy things to look that way.  OR (here's the big one!) they photoshop the crap out of their photos!

Let's Stop! 

Stop chasing this idea that if we were just a little more disciplined we would have the body we always dreamed of.  

Something magical happens the second you realize that this body ideal is made-up and unattainable. 

We actually start seeing results that 

matter! We love what our bodies for what they can do.  We stop punishing ourselves for "messing up". We stop "starting over". We exercise and eat healthy for our mental and physical health.  We reduce stress and anxiety in our lives.  We start LOVING ourselves and stop living for tomorrow.

This mindset ​is much easier to shift into 

with help.  Sometimes we need someone there, helping us to readjust our brains every week.   

I can help!

To permanent changes, you are going to 

have to change the way your brain

processes your attitude towards food, towards stress, and towards exercise.  


We use exercise that is easy to stick with.

We use exercise that is nourishing, building, and something you look forward to doing. No hours in the gym to get results.


We eat food based on what we need.  

You will figure out how your body reacts to certain foods and embrace the type of life food plan that your body was made for; food that makes your energy sky rocket and helps your body lose fat and feel strong.   


We tackle elements that work against you. 

I address all the little things that affect weight loss such as your sleep and stress levels, that aren't typically addressed in most fitness plans.  These can make or break your results!


We use step-by-step instructions.

I introduce new concepts one week at a time so that you don't feel overwhelmed by a huge new plan to get fit.  

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Who is this Program for?
  • You've tried to lose weight, but can't seem to make it happen

  • You go on diets and stay with them for a while, but eventually go back to old habits

  • You want a diet plan that you can feel good on

  • You don't know how to eat healthy

  • You want or need help changing things up in your routine to get results

  • You need new workout ideas on a tight schedule

  • You need healthy recipes

  • You have anxiety and stress in your life

  • You exercise daily, but are seeing fewer and fewer gains

  • You exercise a lot and are gaining fat and you feel like crap

  • You don't exercise at all and you need something that you will actually stick with

  • You have a lot of stress in your life

  • You hate dealing with stress in your life and are currently ignoring it

  • You need motivation to work out or accountability

  • You need fun workout ideas

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