Heal your Pain in 30 Days 

with GuaSha

Healing is always possible

This 30-day journey will give you the tools you need to combat

autoimmune diseases, stubborn injuries, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, and other illnesses—all from the comfort of your home!

You will learn…

  • How to combine Ancient Gua Sha healing techniques with modern applications

  • How to implement Gua Sha for specific conditions

  • How to apply Gua Sha on every part of the body

  • Secret spots to release trapped injuries

  • How to use Gua Sha as part of a monthly self care regimen 

  • Which Gua Sha tool you should be using

  • Special instructions for those who suffer from sensitive illnesses

  • Correct scraping technique

  • How to prepare the area for Gua Sha

  • Post Gua Sha stretches

All with weekly videos and online support!