• TyAnn Clark

9 Ways to BioHack Your Injury and Heal Faster

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

(watch the vid or read below)

I am the queen of injuries. Have pain somewhere? I've probably had it and had to figure out how to heal it. In all my years as an athlete I was able to figure out different bio hacks that helped my injuries heal even faster. Now as a massage therapist, I know how to help other people with the same problem. You can watch the vid or read below!

The standard acronym for healing injuries has always been


and recently a P was added to the beginning to make it


It stands for






These are a good start, but I want to show you some ways you can speed up the healing even more.


You need to help the injured area avoid further trauma by keeping it braced or taped.

Biohack: Kinesio tape - Stretchy tape that goes anywhere that helps keep the fascia open, the area warm, and promotes fresh blood to the area. Watch you tube videos to learn how to tape each area.


Sitting on the couch will eventually help an injury heal, but if you want to get back out there faster, add slow moving exercises that do not further hurt the area. Look up exercises that are part of the rehab for that area of the body and follow them slowly. Not only will the movement help the body to immediately start to rebuild muscle fibers, but the return to movement with help it to reduce major protection reflexes. Do avoid high impact, extended exercise for that area during healing time.

Biohack: This is the time to get a ridiculous amount of sleep and naps. You produce most of your HGH (human growth hormone) when you hit the sack, and this hormone will help your injury recover faster. Skimping on sleep and worrying about your recovery will do the opposite, so take this one seriously.


If you are someone that sticks an ice pack on everything that hurts, you may want to rethink this habit as ice creates a lot of scar tissue and fascial adhesions (fascia sticking to muscle).

Many medical professionals are ditching the traditional advice of usage of ice after 48 hours and keeping it to a minimum. The reason the body becomes inflamed after an injury is the body is trying to send extra white blood cells to protect the area and keep the individual from further harming it. Ice is great to help the area avoid being damaged by excess swelling, but short term slight inflammation serves a purpose.

Also Ice slows down blood flow which impedes muscle healing until the area warms up again.

Biohack: Alternate cold and hot water to help flush the body of inflammation in a much healthier way than straight ice. Use cold water for 30 sec, followed by a minute of warm. Repeat 5 times. End with warm water to promote blood flow again.


Use compression sleeves to help your blood flow quicker, which circulates the blood to the heart faster, which helps it to recover faster.

Compression sleeves are different than compression gear. They are sturdier and have rubbery material that really locks in heat and they work more effectively than the latter.

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