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Why Exercise SHOULD be fun

Most people LOVE the endorphin high after exercise - It's what motivates us to get to a workout class on cold mornings, or to turn on a YouTube video at home after work after we are completely drained of energy. We KNOW that we will feel better if we get it done.

We are creatures that love immediate gratification, however, and sometimes we can't get ourselves to do the work to get to that feeling. Sometimes that freshly made cinnamon roll at the grocery store is calling to us, or a new episode of Outlander is on.

What if we create a situation that makes us less likely to fail. What if the actual exercise IS the reward, and the activity is something we look forward to??

An exercise that is FUN and fulfilling is going to help us establish a habit we can actually stick with and WANT to do.

On top of that, exercise that continually overstresses our nervous system can deplete our valuable nutrients and hormones. If we are actually enjoying what we are doing, then the level of stress and load on our body decreases. If you dread working out, then you may want to evaluate if your exercise load is too heavy.

Because my body is exceptionally sensitive to stress now with my Fibromyalgia, I have to be very cautious about the type of exercise I participate in. Hardcore/ non-stop workouts drain me for days, make my body ache, and quite frankly, make me someone no one wants to be around.

I have found the PERFECT way to workout that helps me get results AND doesn't tax me like intense training classes do. Between my Youtube workouts, Dancefitness, and casual runs with friends, I've really found my sweet spot.

Here's how YOU can reduce the strain of exercise on your body and be more likely to stick with it.


This is my #1 motivator (and what I build my Youtube workouts around). The next time you are out walking, throw on some headphones and get yourself to run during the chorus of every song. Dance in your kitchen like nobody's watching. Turn up the volume while you are lifting weights. Music moves us at a cellular level and makes everything more enjoyable.


You are going to be much more likely to stick with something that you are somewhat good at. If you love the feeling of being strong enough to pick up 100lb hay bale, then lift weights. Love to work your brain as much as your body? Join a class that requires coordination like dance fitness or another choreographed class. If silence and mind/body work is your jam, get your Yoga on. If you hate running, stop doing it!


With people being more and more creative with exercise, you are bound to find an even funner way to do what you want. Find a Soul Cycle class, or train for a color run, or obstacle race. Join a bungee or pole dancing class. You never know if something speaks to your soul if you never try.


This one is pretty obvious, but we are way more likely to be consistent when we have others wanting us to show up. When we feel welcomed and part of a group, we are so much more likely to get there. Even if we are socially awkward, just knowing that others are around and that they are going to be there at a certain time can be all that you need.

I'm giving you permission to make FUN your priority. Doesn't that feel amazing!

Oh and if you are someone that seriously struggles to find the energy and motivation to exercise and just feel good again, that is my particular specialty. Send me a message if that is something you need help with!

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