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Get Quality Workout Clothes at Wholesale Prices!

Join  Savvi Fit today and will be at one of the first lucky people in the country to jump in at the ground floor level.   You buy workout clothes - Why not get paid for it!

Who we are

A Direct Sales company for quality athleisure and performance workout clothing set to launch January 2020!

A community of like-minded people that love workout clothes​ and love to shop.

Motivated men and women taking charge of their financial future.

A group of people that think that life and work should be fun and rewarding.

Athletes, trainers, instructors, casual exercisers, and occasional exercises of all sizes that love quality workout gear.  

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You will need referral code: tyannclark

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When you become a Savvi Fit Stylist you get

Products at wholesale prices





Incentives, Trips, and Rewards

Flexible Hours

Let me know when it launches.

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Where is the clothing?  I can't find it on the website?

The clothing line will launch in January and products have not been finalized.  The clothing shown above are sample products and a good representation of the direction the company is headed.  

Why should I sign up before seeing the final product?

The direct sales industry is all about timing.  I used to work for Chalene Johnson as a Presenter I was one of the first Beachbody Reps.  I was young and stupid and didn't work my business.  All of the people that started with me are now VERY well off.  Being at the birth of a company is a HUGE advantage.  Waiting one month to start could possibly affect which rep you are in the company.  If you are ready to go - then start now! Start Start building your team.  Be the first in your state.  Why wait to start getting paid?

What if I just want to buy clothes at wholesale?

No problem!  Your membership fee lasts for the entire year. You do not have to sell anything to get the wholesale price.  There are no monthly fees.  

What if I just want to sell the clothes?  I don't want to recruit people.

You can definitely do that too.  Though you may find people naturally attracted to this opportunity.  

How much will the clothes cost?

There will be a range of prices for leggings, bras, and everything else.  Just like Lululemon has different quality of clothes in their one store, so will Savvi.  Retail will be between $20-$70.   

Will there be a variety of sizes?  

Absolutely!  Sizes will go from small to 4x.  

I've done Direct Marketing before and I'm not very good at it.  

So have i!  And I have already seen how excited people are to get into this company.  Seriously - Women love their workout clothes and it's a growing trend. Also when you start with a new company, you have a huge advantage of telling people about it first.  Just wear your clothing around and let it speak for itself.  Also we have an amazing team of leaders who can help you share this with people you know without it feeling slimy and wrong.  

You will need referral code: tyannclark

More resources

Learn more about the moving parts of Savvi Fit.  Watch Rachel, the designer, talk about the clothing at 14 min. 

New VIP of sales  - Jennifer Pisani Ashby!

Direction of SAVVi fit.


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